$NFSGX will not have a hard cap.
The balance of the $NFSGX ERC-20 contract will always be zero. When the $NFSGX earned in the game is withdrawn to an on-chain wallet such as $NFSGX, this amount of $NFSGX will be minted by the contract and transferred to the user’s wallet. When $NFSGX is deposited from an on-chain wallet to the game wallet, that $NFSGX will be burned on-chain and added to the user’s in-game wallet as a balance.
You need $NFSGX for these operations;
  • To automate trainings
  • To change player names
  • To join a friendly match
  • To join a death match
  • To reset attribute point
  • To boost skill upgrades
  • To boost recovery for injuries
  • To boost construction of facilities

How to get $NFSGX?

  • Add liquidity to NFSG / AVAX pool and get NFSGX for each NFSG
  • Join a death match and win the game
  • Open a sport bag, each of them has different amount of NFSGX
  • Add a partnership nft as a fan club member of your team
  • Follow NFTSoccerGames social media accounts and participate events