V1.4.3- 12/01/2022

Feature : Update Logo for CupDetail Page

V1.4.2- 11/01/2022

New : Tournaments Design

New : Overall Limit for All Cups

V1.4.1- 27/12/2022

Feature: Updating the event list

BugFix: Auto training error fix

New: Team captain selection

New: Selection of the player who will use the free kick

V1.4.0- 29/11/2022

New: Multichain (CHZ) update

V1.3.9- 17/11/2022

New: Multichain Features (to be continue)

V1.3.8- 12/11/2022

Bugfix : Training Center Buy

Bugfix : Matches time fix

V1.3.7- 18/10/2022

New: NFSG Tournaments Deploy

V1.3.6- 17/09/2022

Bugfix: Notifications

Bugfix: Player Detail Tp

Bugfix: Wallet Switch, Box Claim, Market

V1.3.5- 10/09/2022

New: Team Logo Added Tournaments

V1.3.4- 26/08/2022

New: Improved to control sounds on match during match

New: Team detail page changed and popup selection added

New: Player detail page changed and tab list added

New: Game dynamics improved

New: Market listing added remaining box count filter

New: Logo change by team

V1.3.3- 23/08/2022

Bugfix: Cup Listing Page wrong data change

V1.3.2- 22/08/2022

New: Event List Page filter added

V1.3.1- 11/08/2022

Bugfix: Market Pagination fix

V1.3.0- 26/07/2022

New: Oto cup groups create job is activated

V1.3.0- 18/07/2022

New: Groups Page is updated New: Top Scorer widget and Point table widget added

V1.2.9- 17/07/2022

New: Forms and Shoes will have an effect on matches.

New: tems will have an effect on matches

Bugfix: Bugs related to tournaments will be fixed

V1.2.8- 06/07/2022

Bugfix: Match starting fixed

V1.2.7- 26/06/2022

New: Sponsor cup groups and screens released

V1.2.6- 18/06/2022

New: New training option! You can now use your NFSGx tokens for auto trainings ⚽️

New: Formation detail position updated

Bugfix: There were some issues with market purchases, and we've made fixes for these issues.

V1.2.5- 15/06/2022

New: Player skill distribution interface improvements.

New: In-game market opening and transfer of 2% of market sales to the first nft owner of the nft.

Bugfix: Fixed the problem with sending the player to the training, which was sold through the external and in-game market.

V1.2.4- 07/06/2022

New: Market page have been updated with datas and filters

V1.2.3- 05/06/2022

New: nfsg token halving released

V1.2.2- 01/06/2022

New: Deatch match released New : New formation is released

V1.2.1 - 27/05/2022

Bugfix: Friendly match problem fixed and formation fix.

V1.2.0 - 23/05/2022

New: $NFSGX rewards are assigned to player wallets for those who provide liquidity to the $NFSG/$AVAX Pangolin pool. The daily $NFSGX reward will be distributed automatically. For this, it is sufficient to add liquidity to the $NFSG/$AVAX Pangolin pool. 5 $NFSGX are awarded for each $NFSG.

New: Training boost cards from sports bags can now be used in training centers. Each card is one-time and provides 70% boost.

Bugfix: The problem with pagination in the in-game market has been fixed.

V1.1.9 - 22/04/2022

New: Scoville test net released.

V1.1.8 - 08/04/2022

New: Friendly matches released 🎉

V1.1.7 - 27/03/2022

New: Available / Total TP(Training Point) added to player detail.

New: Claimed TP amount added to training process claim action.

V1.1.6 - 26/03/2022

New: You can buy/sell shoes and gears in the market or transfer them between accounts

New: Shoes provide extra success rate in training

V1.1.5 - 20/03/2022

New: Sports Bags released.

New: $NFSGX Token deployed.

New: Shoes, NFSG Jersey, Skills, Training Couch, Team Doctor, Tournament Tickets, Training Speed Up

New: Skill Points And Player Skill Attribute Trees

V1.1.4 - 16/03/2022

New: Gitbook Docs (v2) released. (Whitepaper v1)

V1.1.3 - 13/03/2022

Bugfix: MarketplaceBuy event NFT training problem solved.

V1.1.2 - 20/02/2022

New: Transfer NFT

New: Marketplace Listing For Jerseys And Training Centers

New: Jersey Can Be Equipped And Used For Additional Success Rate

New: Sell / Buy Jerseys From Marketplace

New: Sell / Buy Training Centers From Marketplace

Update: Sort By Price

V1.1.1 - 15/02/2022

Update: Browse Pagination

New: Sort By

V1.1.0 - 13/02/2022

New: Auto-Training Mode

New: Partnership Jersey Airdrops

New: Browse Page For Nfts And Items

New: Manager Creation

New: Team Creation

New: Team Formation 4-4-2

New: Name Change For Nfts ($NFSG Cost: 1 / Per Request)

Update: Statistics Page

Update: UI Changes With New Homepage

V1.0.13 - 26/12/2021

New: Events Page Added

New: Metamask Change Wallet Event Added

New: Training Page Ajax Workflow

Bugfix: My Wallet > Transactions Pagination

V1.0.12 - 16/12/2021

New: Traning Center Ids Are Added To Listing Page

New: Claim Button Added To Training Center Listing Page If There Are Any Training Finished.

V1.0.11 - 15/12/2021

Bug: My Training Center Frontend Bug Fix

New: Statistics Page Activated

V1.0.10 - 13/12/2021

New: My Training Center Design Change

Bug: Stop Training Fix

New: Reduced Signature Request When Navigating Between Pages

New: Page Speed And Image Optimization

V1.0.9 - 06/12/2021

Training System Activated.

V1.0.8 - 06/12/2021

Avaxtars Airdrop Started.

V1.0.7 - 06/12/2021

NFSG Airdrop Started.

V1.0.5 - 23/11/2021

New: Change-Log Page Activated.

V1.0.4 - 18/11/2021

New: FAQ Page Activated.

V1.0.3 - 07/11/2021

Update: Home Page Is Updated, Price Tiers Added.

V1.0.2 - 04/11/2021

Update: Main Menu Element Updated.

Update: Home Page Is Updated, Team Player Added.

V1.0.1 - 02/11/2021

Update: Home Page Is Updated For Mint Nfts.

Community: NFTSoccerGames Twitter Account Used Activated

Community: NFTSoccerGames Telegram Account Used Activated

V1.0.0 - 01/11/2021

NftSoccerGames.Com Launched

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