Sport Bags

Sports bags are a feature that only belongs to nfts with special items in them. Each nft comes with a different number of sports bags depending on rarity.

Claimable Amounts

World Class - 4

Professional - 3

Semi Professional - 2

Standart - 1

On the detail page of your Nft, you can see how many sports bags you have rights. When you request your sports bag on the same screen, you will receive a random bag. The content of sports bags varies according to the rarity level.

You are free to use Sports Bags whenever you want. But keep in mind, it cannot be reverted.


Each sport bag includes a combine of items.

  • NFSGX Token

  • NFSG jersey

  • Training speedup

  • Gear

    • Tournament ticket

    • Training speedup

    • Club doctor 1 week

    • Training coach 1 week

  • Shoes (Lvl 1-4)

  • Skills

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