How to start training

If you have a player nft and a training center, you can start to train your player and get $NFSG token and training grade for each completed training. If you don't have any player yet, you can mint one on the website or you can buy from marketplace.

To buy a training center, please visit the training center page on the website.

To start training, go to my training centers page and click any available training center.

When you click on the training center and go to the detail screen, you will see the "add player" button. Select the player you want to add to the workout.

The time each player will spend in training and the reward they will receive at the end of the training differ depending on the player's rarity level.

When you select your player, you can see how long he will be in training and his success rate.

Along with generating tokens by training, you earn a grade as a result of each training, and you get skill points with these grades.

You can improve your players with the skill points you earn, and you can outmaneuver your opponents in matches. Therefore, training has an important place among game dynamics.

For the development of your player, if you want to complete more training in a shorter time, you can use the training acceleration options. The workout boost options allow you to reduce the time by 20%, 40% or 60% by paying various amounts of $NFSG.

Training is an important way to generate $NFSG tokens. You can automate training to regularly send your players to training sessions. By paying $NFSGX tokens, you can produce more tokens by completing and continuing your training on time.

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