The base token of NFTSoccerGames is $NFSG, which was created on the Avalanche network using the ERC-20 standard.

The hard cap of $NFSG is one million, and only 200,000 $NFSG were minted at the time of this article; 800,000 more will be minted eventually, and no new $NFSG will be produced after that.

NFSG is the governance token of the game.

You need $NFSG for these operations;

  • To buy a training center

  • To transfer a training center

  • To buy a new team formation

  • To speed up the trainings

  • To lend or barrow a player

  • To hire a doctor or a coach for the players

  • To join a tournament

  • To build and upgrade team facilities

  • To buy anything from market expects NFTs

How to get $NFSG?

  • Use training center to mint NFSG, each training generates different amount of NFSG token by NFT rarity.

  • Join a tournament and get a rank

  • Lend your players and get NFSG income


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