Match Flow

Match starts with heads or tails. Winning team kicks off.

Each position has specialized rates of passing to another positions, shooting strengh and shooting probabilities.


Passing rates are highly optimized for passing to the position in front. While goal keepers will most often pass to defenders, defenders will pass to midfield at higher rates.

Maestro skill improves passing to midfielders passing rate for putting strikers to goal positions.

Long passer skill improves passing to front positions for defenders and midfielders.

Artillery shot skill improves shooting rates of midfielders and strikers from long ranges.

Tackling and Ball Winning

Formation is the decision maker for tackling.

If defending team has more players in the balls possesion area tackling rates will be higher.

Sprag foot skill improves the total tackling rate for defenders and midfielders.

Goal Scoring

The ball holder player's shooting strentgh is calculated by position and total strength.

Magic touch skill improves player ability to score goal.

Shovel gloves skill improves goal keepers ability to save shoot.


Morale has 10% effect for all calculations. Team's winning rate for last 5 match plus current match score effects.

Captain Player

Captain player morale = (Power * Morale) / 100 Player's chance to shoot is increased by 5% of morale.

Freekick Player

Make sure the freekick player is Strengh

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